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Conference Program

The Program of the ICCS2006 (5th International Conference of the Cognitive Science) is now down-loadable from this page. The poster numbers correspond to the board numbers on which the poster will be presented. We are using poster boards No.19-37, 40-67, 70-92, 93-100. On the Pavilion Ballroom Floor plan PDF file, you can identify exactly where your poster will be presented.
Workshop/Symposium Program of the 5th International Conference of the Cognitive Science
Poster Program of the 5th International Conference of the Cognitive Science
Pavilion Ballroom Floor Plan (locations of the poster boards)
Poster Guideline
Poster Board Number Finder
Last names of the first authors are listed alphabetically.


Symposium/workshop I: Culture and Cognition - Session 1
Cultural and Cognitive Structures of Human Languages *1
Organizers: Jeong-Hwa Lee(Korea Digital University)
Presenters: Misook Kim (Sangji University)
  Sunyoung Lee (University of Maryland)
  Jeong-Hwa Lee (Korea Digital University)

Symposium/workshop II: Culture and Language - Session 1
Cognitive correlates of reading and spelling in Korean Hangul, English and Chinese Hanja among Korean children
Organizers: Jeung-Ryeul Cho & Jee-Young Lee (Kyungnam University)
Presenters: Jeung-Ryeul Cho (Kyungnam University)
  Jee-Young Lee (Kyungnam University)
  Ping Li (Kyungnam University)

Symposium/workshop III: Culture and Cognition - Session 2
How the mind and culture are shaped interactively: Bridging social and cognitive views
Organizers: Jeung-Ryeul Cho & Jee-Young Lee (Kyungnam University)
Presenters: Jean-Baptiste Van der Henst (CNRS University of Lyon)
  "How is inconsistency resolved on belief? : French and Japanese cases"
  Kakahiko Masuda (University of Alberta)
  "Cultural variation in intentional regulation between the Japanese and Westerners: An eye-tracking study"
  Takeshi Hatamura (University of British Colombia)
  "Culture and regulatory focus: Cognitive and motivational implication"

Symposium/workshop IV: Culture and Language - Session 2
Language-specific semantics and categorization *2
Organizers: Soonja Choi (San Diego State University)
Presenters: Soonja Choi (San Diego State University)
  "Influence of language-specific input on spatial categorization: Categories of containment"
  Marianella Casasola (Cornell University)
  "How linguistic input shapes spatial categorization in infants and toddlers"
  Twila Tardif, Nina Simms, Chao Liu (University of Michigan)
  "Removing the "basic" and "typical" in noun categories: ERP and behavioral studies with English and Chinese speaker"
Discussant: Laraine McDonough (Brooklyn College and Graduate Center of CUNY)

Symposium/workshop V, VI, VII:
Toward social mechanisms of android science *3
Toward social mechanisms of android science
Organizers: Karl MacDorman & Hiroshi Ishiguro (Osaka University)
Presenters: Hiroshi Ishiguro (Osaka University)
  "Research issues in android science"
  Chen Yu, Hui Zhang & Linda B. Smith
  "Using virtual humans to study embodied social interaction"
  Ben Goertzel, Ari Heljakka, Stephan Vladimir Bugaj, Cassio Pennachin, & Moshe Looks
  "Exploring android developmental psychology in a simulation world"
  Masahiro Hirai & Kazuo Hiraki
  "Disappearance of inversion effect for walking animation with robotic appearance"
  Shoji Itakura, Takayuki Kanda, & Hiroshi Ishiguro
  "Mentalizing to non-human agents by children"
  Morana Alac & Ayse Saygin
  Christopher Rame
  David Hanson
  "Exploring the aesthetic range of humanoid robots"
  Karl MacDorman
  "Emotional appraisals of humanlike forms: An exploration of the uncanny valley"

Symposium/workshop VIII:
Influence of culture and language on concepts and cognitive functions *4
Organizers: Mutsumi Imai (Keio University) & Barbara Malt (Lehigh University)
Presenters: Sandra Waxman (Northwestern University)
  "Core knowledge, naming and the acquisition of the fundamental (folk) biologic concept 'ALIVE'"
  Norbert Ross (Vanderbilt University)
  "Cultural Aspects in the Development of Children's Understanding of Folkbiology"
  Mutsumi Imai (Keio U) & Henrik Saalbach (Max Planck Institute for Human Development)
  "Influence of language, culture, and universal cognitive constraints on the everyday object concepts"
  Barbara Malt (Lehigh University)
  "Language, culture, and cognition: Commentary"

Symposium/workshop IX
Internal observation as a method for constructive science *5
Organizers: Hideyuki Nakashima (Future University - Hakodate)
Presenters: Hideyuki Nakashima (Future University - Hakodate)
  Masaki Suwa (Chukyo University)
  Haruyuki Fujii (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Symposium/workshop X
Remembering Giyoo Hatano - Going beyond one Japanese cognitive scientist's work
Organizers: Naomi Miyake (Chukyo University)
Presenters: Yoshio Miyake (Chukyo University)
  "Giyoo Hatano's studies on mental abacus and beyond"
  Hajime Shirouzu (Chukyo University)
  "Giyoo Hatano's studies on hypothesis-experiment classrooms and beyond"
  Naomi Miyake (Chukyo University)
  "Giyoo Hatano's studies on how people learn and beyond"
Video commentary: Michael Cole (on Video)
"Giyoo Hatano, a genuinely international cognitive scientist"


Conference Organizers:

General Chair:
Naomi Miyake, Chukyo University, JAPAN

Liaison Organizers:

Naomi Miyake, Chukyo University, JAPAN
Wayne Gray, Rensselaer, USA

Steering Committee Members:

Charles Ling
CHOI Key-Sun
CHO Sook Whan
CHUNG Chansup
DO Kyungo Soo
Jim Kehoe
KAKEHI Kazuhiko
LEE Chungmin
LEE Jung-Moo
Peter Slezak
TAKUBO Yukinori
Wayne Gray

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