Converting to PDF

Please use the template provided in formatting your work BEFORE you convert your file to PDF.

Please check your work carefully before submitting it to make sure all your data is intact.  Once a paper is submitted no amendments will be possible before reviewing.

The simplest way to convert your Word file is to use one of the "print drivers" provided with Adobe Acrobat (the full program, not Acrobat Reader).  There are other programs on the market that will convert word processor documents to PDF as well.  We strongly recommend that if you use Adobe Acrobat that you use the Distiller print option instead of the PDFWriter driver.  The reason is that the latter can produce files that are hard to edit, which will make it impossible for the final version of your submission (if accepted) to appear in the proceedings.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat or some other commercial product that will convert your file to PDF, there are freeware options.  These typically involve producing a Postscript file first, and then using a program to convert from Postscript to PDF.  For example, you can use a printer driver that produces postscript for a printer, and send the output to a file instead to produce a postscript file.  Then you can use  Ghostview to convert the Postscript file to a PDF file, or the shareware program PStill.